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In the meantime, many Geocachers know our trackable tags, but from now on we can make them with a colored print. Your logo, a picture of your dog, cat or other pet, it is all possible now!

This Trackable Tag is a high quality Metal Trackable Traveltag including tracking code and trackable at If you do not have a design and would like our help, we are happy to assist you.

NOTE: Our design service is free if the the design is used on products supplied by us. Would you like to use the design or part of the design on another product, which will be delivered by someone else, you can buy the design from us for € 25, see Terms and Conditions.

The Trackable Tag is made of metal. The price of a Trackable Tag includes Tracking code and own image and, unlike other Trackable Tags, is replaceable if they are missing!
This Trackable Tag comes with its own design and a bulletchain. In the comments field, enter the text that should appear on the Tag and indicate if you want to send an image to us or that we should help you with a design.

Please note that copyrighted images may not be placed on a Tag unless permission is given to you!

If you want to get a second Trackable Tag at a reduced rate (with the same print), check it under the color selection.

Please send us an email after the payment at so we can discuss the design for the tag with you

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