Critters! Octopus - Pink -

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The Wild Ones! Trackables are custom wildlife-shaped Trackable geocoins made from high-impact, multi-colored, layered acrylic.

The Critters!​ Trackable is a special made colorful trackable geocoin, made out of incredibly strong multi layered high impact acrylic material and available in different colors. All Trackables from the Critters!​ series can be replaced in case it is lost or damaged. The tracking code of a missing Critters!​ can be used to produce a new one, in order to guarantee a long future. When required, please contact us at the email address below.

Price includes a Groundspeak Trackingcode!!

Name  : Critters!​ Trackable
Version  : Octopus
Color  : Pink
Material  : Multi Layered Acryl
Length  : 4.8cm
Width  : 4.8cm
Thickness  : 3.4mm
Comments  : Incl. Trackingcode
 : Trackable at


Own icon at 

*As with all our other acrylic products, we can also reproduce this Wild Ones! Trackable in case it is lost or damaged. Send us amessage if needed

Send us a message at

So many requests for new animals, but even more for kid friendly critters has prompted us to start a whole new line of Wild Ones Critters!  We have a bunch of new ideas in the works, but the first is ready to go now!

The price of a Wild One! includes Groundspeak Trackingcode!!!

Our Octopus is squirming with delight to travel wet or dry and now he's ready to expand his travels to the rest of the world.  Catch him in a cache if you can because he'll be off again in the pocket of another cacher in an instant!  He's bound to be a favorite in caches everywhere while he racks up the miles and jets on to his next hideout!


Our child friendly Octopus is created with our incredibly strong high impact acrylic materials.  Best of all, if your Octopus ever goes missing he's completely replaceable.  Like all our trackables the Wild Ones GxNomad travelers can be rebuilt again and again to ensure a long future on the trail!

Choose an available color via the selection list next to the product image. In the tab next to this Product description you will find a visual representation of the different colors.

Engraving Service
Upgrade your Octopus with a name or your GeoNick!  Please contact us at the address below!

For any questions you can reach us at

* All tracking codes supplied through GxProxy will display a unique GxProxy Trackable icon:  
** Our trackingcodes are supplied by Groundspeak.

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