Signal! - Trackable Earrings (Black)

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The original Signal® Earrings in Black finish. Made from the same material and with the same high quality finish as our Geocoins!

We are the producer of these earrings, you can't find these earrings cheaper in any Geocaching shop in Europe (we guarantee for this product the lowest price in Europe)!

Signal is only 25mm tall and 2,5mm thick when he hangs from the dangle earring and is trackable at  Therefore each earring is on the backside engraved with a trackingcode (same number)

Also available as a Signal! Zipper Pull/Necklace Trackable .

Take signal along with you on your next geocaching adventure!

ATTENTION: Signal! is nickel free!

Signal® is a registered trademark of, LLC.

All are trackable at with a custom icon.


You can reach us at


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