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For some time now there are trackable bracelets available. A frequent complain about these bracelets is the size and uncomfortable to wear around the wrist.

An example of these uncomfortable bracelets are the Paracord Trackable bracelets. These are very coarse to wear around the wrist.

GxProxy investigated a couple of these bracelets and also talked to Geocachers. With the collected information we created our own and unique GxProxy Trackable bracelet, which is not only light and subtle but also may be seen.

A lot of Geocaching shops are selling the same products. GxProxy does not sell these products because we think that you, as our customer, like to stand out of the crowd, have something different that others don’t have. We have our own line of Geocaching products that we also produce on our own, so we know you buy something different, a product and/or design that you can’t find anywhere else.

The GxProxy Trackable Bracelet is made of a slightly bend aluminum GxProxy 2.0 TrekTag in combination with a NATO wristband, 18mm wide

Because the GxProxy 2.0 TrekTag is slightly bend, it falls neatly over the wrist.  The TrekTag 2.0 is engraved with a Groundspeak Tracking Number as well as our TrekTag Hiker Boy or Girl design (free to choose!). The same figure is also used as the Icon on Groundspeak.

The NATO wristband is made of Nylon and has a military background. It is made for the military to hold a watch as comfortable as possible witout any irritation. For our Trackable bracelet this NATO wristband is the ideal solution!

Be stylish on your Geocaching tours with our GxProxy trackable bracelet!

Materiaal Specifications:

Aluminium (TrekTag 2.0)

Nylon (NATO wristband) 1,8cm wide and 27,5 cm long

Available colors:

NATO wristband: Beige, Black and Rose

TrekTag 2.0: Depending on availability (See option drop-down)

TrekTag 2.0 versions available:

Hiker Boy or Hiker Girl (See option drop-down)

Trackable on with his own Icon: 

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